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Shenhua International Enterprises (2006) Ltd.

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Shenhua International Enterprises (2006) Ltd.

There are three categories under our business operation:

-  The conifer pulp, broadleaf pulp …etc.

  • Each pulp is used to make different type of paper included:
    •  Industrial paper, Educational paper, Publishable paper …etc.

-   Waste Paper & Stocklot Paper in Rolls

  •  Waste paper includes:
    • Decorative paper, Tetra Pak paper, Electric cable paper, wrapping paper, Poly Coated paper, Silicone paper etc.
  •  Stocklot paper includes:
    • Kraft paper, Masking paper, Poly coated paper, Filter paper, Tissure paper in rolls etc.

  - Waste plastics

  •  PP, PE …etc.


The above three export categories are the main business operation focus of our company to export from N. America to Asia.


You can send us email pictures and send samples to our office for items you can offer. Contract could be signed once we have approved the quality and price. Under the prerequisite of quality, we hope to see that providers could provide constant amount of goods each month.


        Shenhua International Enterprises (2006) Ltd. hopes to build a long-term relationship with our customers and develop together on honest and mutually beneficial basis



   - 北美地區針葉木漿闊葉木漿按木漿 

  • 各種木漿用於不同類別的造紙: 包括工業特種用紙, 文化用紙, 出版用紙...

   - 各種紙張(廢紙)不規則的亂碼紙

  • 各種特種紙張
  • 各種回收打包廢紙
    • 品種包含:各種裝飾廢紙, 各種印刷包裝廢紙, 各種利樂包裝紙, 矽油,淋膜廢紙...
  • 各種亂碼紙
    • 品種包含:成捲亂碼牛皮紙, 成捲美紋紙, 成捲淋膜紙, 成捲濾紙, 成捲彩卡紙,成卷衛生紙等品種


   - 各種廢塑料品種

  • PP, PE...等各種廢塑料均可




上述品種可通過電郵發送圖片和樣品確認供貨品質和價格, 由供貨商提供報價後進行確認, 一經認可後進行簽約. 上述品種在確定品質的前提下, 希望每月相對穩定具體供貨數量


我公司希望和廣大客戶建立起長期的業務合作關係, 在雙方誠信和互惠互利的基礎上共同發展

Shenhua International Enterprise (2006) Ltd.


Last updated Oct. 12th, 2008

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Shenhua International Enterprises (2006) Ltd.
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